Hi, I’m Meaghan Lindsey, the creator of this blog!  It is by no mistake that you made it here ( Yay!!!!) , so while you’re here let me introduce myself! I am a mother of two girls, a career woman, and I consider myself a Christian.  I love sharing my thoughts and life with others, in hopes of inspiring people to positively embrace this journey we call “life”. I am here to share my journeys of motherhood ( keeping it 100% real) , spirituality, and career all while maintaining my fabulosity (hence: naturallyfabme on IG and Youtube). I am a lover of all things hair and beauty, so you can definitely find a bit of that on this blog as well! I am a woman who wears many hats!! I love expressing myself through hair, fashion and of course make up! So if you are interested in tips on navigating through motherhood, hair and beauty (by the way I’m a naturalista), or spiritual motivation, then you’ve come to the right place! Thanks for coming through and also don’t forget to subscribe!


 Meaghan Lindsey