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How I Shampoo and Condition my Daughter’s Natural Hair.

There are three naturals in my household! You can imagine how time consuming it can be to take care of my hair and both of my daughter’s hair! I have a 10 year old– Maylen! And a 1 year old– Mackenzie! Maylen has been natural since she was born and maintaining her hair can be bit of a challenge. I noticed that her hair wasn’t as healthy as it used to be and wash days with her were so stressful. Detangling was a nightmare and I would go weeks without washing her because it just became a daunting task!

I would try different products that worked for me on her hair, but they just weren’t working on her hair like they worked on my hair. I was becoming more frustrated and I thought, maybe I should just relax her hair!

I know you are probably giving me that side-eye look! lol

But, it was BAD!

Finally, I started thinking back to a time where wash days with her weren’t so bad. I remember using Cantu for Kids on her hair when she was about three years old. Her hair texture was a little different, but I thought let me just try them out and see! Ya’ll, using these products have changed our wash days for the good!!! I’m so glad I thought to just go back to the basics.

Check out Maylen’s Wash Day Routine! She was so excited to be featured on my YouTube Channel! Please support her and give her a like and comment!

Meaghan Lindsey

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