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Camille Rose Lavender Collection: Product Review

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I finally got my hands on the Camille Rose Lavender Collection. I have been eyeing this brands’ products for quite some time now. I love trying new products, but I am very frugal when it comes to spending my own coins! Soooo when I heard Camille Rose was having a huge spring SALE, ya girl was the first one there!!! All products were $10 bucks! This was definitely a good deal, because some of these products are a bit pricey!

The Lavender Collection is said to promote healthy hair and length retention. According to this product line is infused with a brew of real lavender oil.  All the products had a spa-like aroma and worked really well in my Type 4 natural hair.  Watch my demo and review here!

Product Review
Camille Rose Lavender

Today I will be reviewing  the Lavender Stimulating Growth System:

  • Fresh Cleanse
  • Quench Deep Conditioner Mask
  • Whipped Cream Leave-in 
  • Edge Glaze

They also have 2 additional products in this line that I haven’t tried: the shaken hair spritzer and crush defining gel.

Lavender Fresh Cleanse- I had to use a generous amount of product to get a good lather. When you apply this product to your scalp, there is a nice refreshing, tingling sensation. My scalp felt soothed and clean. This cleanse claims to detangle and moisturize the hair and it did just that! I usually detangle my hair with my conditioner, but I was able to easily detangle my hair using the cleanse.

Lavender Quench Deep Conditioner– I used a generous amount of this product to evenly coat all of my type 4 natural hair. When you try this conditioning mask please brace yourself for the amazing treat you are about to give your scalp! The best way I can describe this cooling sensation on the scalp, is when you rub icy hot on your skin (LOL). It’s soothing, cooling and just downright AMAZING!!!! If you want to buy one thing from this line than I definitely say splurge on this!!! After use, my curls were moisturized and defined! This product gets 5 stars from me!!!!

Whipped Cream Leave-in- This product is surprisingly THICK! When I read “whipped” I thought it would be light. It claims to be an intense moisturizer and it definitely kept the curls moisturized. When you first apply it, there is a white cast on the hair, but that goes away! It left no residue which is a major plus!

Edge Glaze– Smoothed out my edges to perfection. I only used a small amount and it got the job done! My edges were laid for the entire day!

Overall I loved everything about the Lavender Collection! The smell was subtle and the products felt amazing on my hair and scalp. Although this line is a bit pricey, it is worth every penny!

Have you tried any of Camille Rose Hair products? How were your results!

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xoxo – Meaghan Lindsey

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